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Do-it-yourself - Win A Property Tax Appeal Without An Appraiser or Attorney!  Crystal Clear Direction To Help You Put Together A Property Tax Appeal. 

  • Consumer Reports has published that property tax records show an error rate of 40% exists in estimating property taxes. (Nov.1992 v57 nil p.723)
  • The National Taxpayers Union writes that as many as 60% of all homeowners are over-assessed and not in line with their home value. ("How To Fight Property Taxes" 2004 p.1)


     I worked as an appraiser and for years represented customers in property tax appeals. I had a vision. I liked the idea of helping everyday people challenge their property taxes but without them having to shell out big money to do it.

     So I started an internet company to give the condensed, do-it-yourself nuts and bolts approach to effect a winning property tax appeal. I have been actively involved on the internet for over 7 years helping hundreds of satisfied customers.

     I've made things simple to use and apply. It has all the inner workings, percentages to apply, nothing is left out. You will greatly benefit from the extraordinary tax appeal information.

     It's the simplest and best advice and make-it happen book on the subject available.


Guidelines for Property Taxes Valuation Appraisals are Hard to Find!

    It's a cold, hard fact that over 98% of all people do not challenge their property taxes.

     If you win your property tax appeal the win rolls over into all the next years! Use our book as your tax consultant. Did you know that a recent average property tax appeal settlement in Washington DC was $1,273 saved per year and in Colorado was $1,513? Just think:
  • an average $1,500 yearly tax appeal win, put in savings for 10 years @ 8% interest = $23,468a nominal $500 yearly tax appeal win, put in savings for 10 years @ 8% interest = $7,823
  • a paltry $200 yearly tax appeal win, put in savings for 10 years @ 8% interest = $3,129

    What you'll need is an easy to fill in worksheet. Here are stand up home appraisal tips as well as real guidelines you can trust. What you are looking for is an easy to use, economical home appraisal work book!
Property Tax Reduction Guide - get started now

Amy C. had inherited a small farmhouse and barn. She was remodeling it over the last couple of years and was greeted by an huge property tax assessment. Amy was in a panic wondering how to paying her mortgage and having enough money to finish her dream of renovating. On top of that, the town was putting in public sewer system that she had to connect to. Connection fees were 8,000 on top of monthly usage fees.

     Amy was able cut her property tax bill in half. No only was she able to find the right type of comparable's, she was able to make the proper value adjustments to her evidence. It was enough to keep off the wolves.

Secure a Winning Property Tax Appeal Using Simple Worksheets and Clear Examples.

   An easy way to lower your house property tax thereby giving you back a serious chunk of money in the process.

All the information and work sheets you'll need to lower your property taxes and your home tax assessment.

  Do it in 1/2 the time, eliminate the learning curve

  Clear instructions and examples, appraiser tested methods

 Eliminate common mistakes

 This comprehensive house value eBook is designed for newcomers and veterans alike.

 Avoid the big mistakes. Inject life and reason into your house tax reduction appeal!

 Not your ordinary publication. You've probably seen others selling this information & software for twenty to over ten thousand dollars. Courses in property taxes, classes in house and land tax appraisal & tax appeals cost in the thousands. The author has invested well over $10,000 in appraisal and property tax reduction classes & courses & has extensive field work experience. His observations and knowledge of accepted guidelines and practices are distilled into a practical concise book for you to taylor your appeal.

 The author has won over 90% of the property tax appeals he has championed. His and other leading expert authorities' experiences and accepted home appraisal guidelines are laced into this book.

 This book will be updated FREE as new home appraisal information or better techniques are introduced over time for FREE.

Why Not Appeal Your House Property Tax? Why Not Challenge your Home Tax Assessment and Lower your Property Taxes?

     Thank you for visiting this site. I want to ask you a few things about your property taxes. When your property tax bill arrives, do you have a gnawing feeling that you could cut back on the taxes you owe? Have you thought about challenging your home property taxes? I've published a book that will cure what you thought was a futile problem.     

     Virtually every homeowner needs to look into their house property taxes. Can you pinpoint what your house is actually worth? You can actually do it (no one else will)! With this to-the-point property tax appeal manual, you can define the worth of any property with precision. Determine if your home tax assessment is correct! If it is not, you will find everything you need to produce a high-probability property tax appeal and refund.    

     If you are a homeowner, you really need to look at this book. This is a complete, do-it-yourself guide. Every property owner can easily, accurately and inexpensively determine the market value for their home. If you need a tax reduction on land and/or on your house,  proven real-life techniques are provided that will prevent common mistakes. You'll get usable proven home appraisal tips. You'll receive the best guidelines on the Internet for home appraisals. You'll get free home appraisal online appraisal forms.

    Your local government uses a mass appraisal process to value homeowners and their house value. They obtain valuation quickly and usually inefficiently. Many times the highest-priced homes are used as a gauge of the neighborhood's value. Erroneous information is often rolled over on the property record card. While cost effective to the tax collection authority, it is not fair to a large portion of homeowners. This book explains all valuation categories in depth and with easy-to-understand examples. We provide you with examples of the necessary forms needed to maximize results in waging a land and property tax appeal. We even supply the forms.

Use Appraiser Tested House Value Tips and Secrets as well as The Professional Guidelines for Home Value Appraisals.
 Are there errors in your property tax assessment? Stop paying a high property tax on your house value...This book is one of the best bargains you'll ever get hold of. Use this book as your property tax consultant. See if you have a case.

     Your time valuable to you. I've put this together in such a way as to keep the learning curve short. Once you put the elements in place, you address the specific areas you have to get number for. You'll have access to many examples and percentage guidelines for deductions, depreciation and almost any deduction that would come up.

    You know what it’s like to NOT have the answer, because you had to struggle at first wasting a lot of time ... frustration, arriving detours and such. Since most books out there give mostly advice and then leave you at your own devices, we're different. You get the advice, but more important, you get to come up with believable numbers that fall within reasonable parameters. We are you number crunching coach ... you'll get to put together your complete appeal. You'll get that confidence here.

    I've helped 1,000's of people and want to help you to remove the roadblocks to getting your appeal moving forward. I show you how to learn about deductions and rules for filing property tax appeals before most other appraisers learn them. Also book is full of time-tested advice that gives you a huge advantage over your competition and makes it easier to attract favorable treatment.

Scrutinize Your Home's Value Using Home Appraisal Online Appraisal Forms. Use Universal Standards and Accepted Guidelines For Home Appraisals.     
      Amazingly, one of the single, greatest savings at most people's disposal today is the potential savings
on your property tax bill. Yet, fewer than 1 in 50 homeowners challenge their home tax assessment, and of those that do, few utilize the deductions to which they are entitled. Many homeowners pay a larger share of property taxes then they should.

     We will supply the necessary forms for you to copy. We will show you what specific information to gather and where to get it. We will show you how to prepare for an appeal, what to adjust for, what to say, what not to say. We demystify the process, eliminate the guesswork, put you in control of your home tax assessment.

     Progressive corporations, shopping centers and businesses of all types routinely appeal their property tax. Shouldn't Homeowners Like You?!  How to Win Property Tax Appeals is a serious, powerful book that shows you how to save money with a house tax reduction appeal ... and gives you all the tools to go out and do it. Did you know that most people simply do not challenge their taxes???

Complete proven result getting methods for a house tax reduction. The "Big" and the "Small" home value issues are addressed.

Use deductions by the book that stick using accepted appraisal methods & backed by authoritative appraisal references.
Easy examples to follow - home appraisal values, facts and figures - all the categories for home appraisal deductions explained.
Use this book in any free country that allows homeowners to challenge a home tax assessment. Sound home appraisal valuation principles are universal in application. Use them anywhere in the free world.
Dollar adjustment ranges you can rely on and to custom fit your home appraisal value.
Proven techniques you the homeowner can use for gaining high-probability property tax appeal refunds.

Successful, orthodox and less orthodox methods explained in detail.

You can not afford not to read this book - avoid learning by trial and error.
"The great equalizer" - the low budget way to compete with the tax assessor. Almost Every home appraisal strategy, method, secret, resource, tool and trick explained to launch your case. You won't find this in your college books or corner bookstore shelves.
Use this book in any free country that allows homeowners to challenge a home tax assessment. Sound home appraisal valuation principles are universal in application. Use them anywhere in the free world where you have a voice to be heard.
Complete reference for almost any home value question. Ample worksheet examples regarding a house tax reduction appeal.  home appraisal information - click here

Save Literally THOUSANDS of Dollars WITHOUT Making the Common Mistakes that may end up costing you money

    Property Taxes are out of Control. In the free world we have options. Our tutorial features guidelines you'll need to use if you are to engage in an effective appeal. Most manuals only offer home appraisal tips. We offer clear examples, effective worksheets that prove your appeal and we show you how to put it together step by step.

   If you think you need a home appraisal complete how to manual and/or need your tax appeal organized in an acceptable format, read on! If you need to pursue a property tax appeal or need to clear up some real estate appraisal questions that's what we're here for.

I want to show you how to double the chances for winning your property tax appeal and how to prepare it in half the time. I've been doing this for years. After countless appraisals and tax appeals I decided to make something affordable and useful for anyone deciding to appeal their taxes. Click Here To Order "How To" eBook and Forms

P.S. If you are going to buy ONE home value determination resource, be certain it contains all the inside home appraisal information this publication does.

What's Stopping You from Lowering Your Home Tax Assessment?

     I know firsthand that absolutely anyone can win a home property tax appeal. The fact is not many people are actually doing it. And why not...? Because they do not know how to accurately determine their house value in a format that pleases the home tax assessment authorities. Learning what it takes to win an appeal has not been written plainly by insiders, and trial-and-error learning takes more time than most people want to invest. This book will lead you by the hand. It will show you precisely what to do without a huge time investment.          

     Easy to use forms and charts supplied. This thorough, no-nonsense book will give you the edge in filing a winning house tax reduction appeal. Use our perspective as well as proven observations from other leading experts. "Property Tax Appeals: How to Win Your Case - How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property" will show you how to maximize your win.

 I believe this is the best quality ebook of it's type on the market. e. If you’re not happy, you can get a fast refund, with no questions asked, just by returning it to me. No questions asked.

(Personally, I don't believe in yearly property taxes for something you own. Maybe when you sell the place and show a profit, should you pay a tax. When you buy a table, a boat, a rare painting you own it. In principle, you do not pay a tax on it every year, only if you sell it at a profit.)


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