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Property Tax Appeals: How To Win Your Case
How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property

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Property tax and home appraisal guidelines make your property taxes understandable plus provid the right math and logic to win your case. Property tax appeals are winnable because of inaccurate or misconstrued house market values. Also consider these aids:

Inexpensive Complete Property Valuation Evidence Source

Most appraisers keep their ways of generating sales data information under tight wraps. Real Estate Appraisers charge up to $500 for a Market Valuation Report for your home.

I'm also going to let you in on of my favorite 100% LOW COST Market Value Resources. On-Line Appraiser!

So you can...

  • Generate as much relevant information to your new Property Tax Appeal as necessary!
  • Start saving money engaging in a property tax appeal without any large cash investment!
  • Let information collectors send you you recent sales data, assessor data without driving about town like a lunatic CHEAPLY!
  • Begin getting FREE Information in 2 minutes or less.
  • Get Detailed Maps, lot sizes, square footage data, real time information CHEAPLY!
  • Lots more, all included absolutely CHEAP!
[Option A] Personalized Home Valuation Report Cost: $29.
· Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
· Accurate Market Value
· Up to 15 Recent Comparable Sales
· Detailed Maps with Comps
· Real-Time Property Information
· Tax Assessor Data
· Lot Size, Square Footage
· Legal Description
· Sales History
· Charted Valuation - Trend Graphs

[Option B] Subject Property with Recent Sales Report Cost: $9.90
· Detailed Property Information
· Comparable Sales List
· Complete Tax Assessor Data
· Transaction History

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Note: You should drive by the comparable to verify condition and pick out any additional or missing variables that might have been missed in the property report. I find the real estate "sold" multiple listing book gives free reliable information also.


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