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Consumer Reports
says a 40% error rate in assessments exists.

Are your property taxes higher than you expected?   Is your property tax bill higher than your neighbors?   Are real estate values falling in your area? When you compare your home to similar sold homes, did your home decrease in value?

The National Taxpayers Union writes that as many as 60% of all homeowners are over-assessed and not in line with their home value. ("How To Fight Property Taxes" 2004 p.1

Consumer Reports has published that property tax records show an error rate of 40% exists in estimating property taxes. (Nov.1992 v57 nil p.723)

... and that was in good times! The facts haven't changed. Assessments are very often carelessly arrived at and errors are rampant.

Realistic Valuation Adjustmens For:

different neighborhood adjustments

difference in total square feet of living space

number of rooms, bedrooms, baths

sold preferably within 4 months, adjust price if longer

adjustments for sales or financing concessions

type of windows, thermopane windows

basement i.e. finished, unfinished or none

differences in deck, patio, porch, etc.

landscaping accents

good/inferior school districts

Save Time & Money on the Learning Curve.
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use the safe online form provided.

Adjustmenst For:

locational differences

quality of construction

style of house

age of house, condition

square footage differnces

property site and view adjustments

functional utility (deficiencies or overbuilt features)

number of garages

swimming pool, fireplace(s), remodeled kitchen, kitchen equipment, etc.

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This is an item-by-item adjustment guide to account for every aspect of your home and property value in order to bring evidence that will lower your property assessment tax!

Fact:  .gov web sites will not inform you on what dollar adjustments to take for a category or furnish adjustment guidelines for you to use.

Fact:  .gov entities do not offer the exact advice or guide you to all the areas or supply the facts you need to adjust values so you get the exact property tax relief and help you need to win your appeal.

Get the Greatest and Most Accurate Property Tax Appeal Help Markdown Methods I Ever Found & Put Together a Professional in appearance and factual Property Tax Appeal.

Use Tested Adjustment Parameters and Methods from a Powerful Guidebook that leads You Step-by-Step, Item-by-item.

     Unlike other kits and guides, we give you complete item-by-item scrutiny covering every portion allowable for your property adjustment. We will guide you in the area of what adjustment (s) to take. Our customers found that saving money by negotiating for a fairer price assessment for their home not only made good sense, but put a smile on their wallet.

It is very important to ask the tax assessor what homes they will use to compare yours to. You need to do this since they are looking to defeat your argument and use those comparables they chose against you. You'll need to poke holes into their argument and show how wrong the values they attached to their comparables actually are. You'll need to introduce your more favorable comparables and shed the more penetrating example and logical conclusion using principles found in our resource so it becomes a slam dunk situation for you.

     Make sure you get a written request via a fax sent to the appraisal district. Get that information in advance so you are prepared to show the errors of their ways. Show how those homes the assessor chose do not compare to yours. Remember, this is an adversarial confrontation and you need to be armed with the appropriate evidence that the opposition has. The Freedom of Information Act give you the right to get this information.

     Use our property tax calculator to see what the assessor actually values your home at. Use photos to show that their homes are not comparable to yours. Then offer facts from examples that you found for homes that are comparable to yours in location, size, quality, age and condition. Adjust for differences in square footage, deck, no deck, # of garages, condition, etc ... and every other area of difference. Adjust dollar amounts for those differences as we show in our manual. That way your facts carry the weight of evidence and you win.

Reduce Your Property Tax Assessment & Win your Property Tax Appeal ... cut your learning curve using our guaranteed resource: property tax appeal professional itemized work book and forms!

property tax helpProperty Taxes Reduction Help Kit, Item-by-item adjustment Guide

     What, if when you received your property tax assessment bill, you could be dead certain that you could change it?
     If your real estate property taxes are just plain wrong, Stand Straight, Smile & Push Back!
     You don't realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes ... you'll learn: Where and How To Save Yourself Many Thousands of Dollars this year or Thousands in Savings Over Time. You'll learn How To Reduce Your Real Estate Property Tax By Following Simple Effective Examples in an Item-by-item Format.

Real Estate Taxes
Cost Cutting Guidebook Kit

     By You Using the Right Comparables and Adjustment Numbers, You'll Target the Real Areas for appeal that maximize your Property Tax Reduction.

... We show you how to achieve the largest correct reduction on your property so you can Win $$ Back In Your Appeal!

#1 Do-It-Yourself Property Tax Reduction Guide Package

Dispute high assessments by lowering your Property Taxes using your easy to apply
do-it-yourself real estate property tax reduction guide. This systematic approach allows anyone to organize and win a property tax appeal using public information.

Works you through all the itemized categories in an organized workbook fashion

  • Get easy to follow simple explanations of real property tax strategies for pursuing an appeal.
  • They will show you how to apply a Properties Condition, Age, Location, ... etc. using a COMPLETE Property Analysis worksheet.
  • Use a "blank" Property Tax Presentation report to customize your presentation.
  • Complete Video walk through guides you every step of the way.

     If you compare your home to the prices of recently sold home and use some basic arithmetic, you may find that there is a 20% or so property tax reduction on your horizon via a property tax appeal. That can translates to $1,000/yr.or more in your pocket if you're paying $5,000/yr. or more in property taxes and that continues out to every future year as well.

     Imagine you had an effective property real estate tax guide to carry around in your back pocket. Any time you desired, you could utilize your property tax guide to crunch the numbers and effect a real estate tax reduction if the case warrants it. Now imagine this property tax guide on your desktop.

     Well, you're not likely to come across a complete property tax guide anywhere else – and here's the best PROPERTY TAX REDUCTION GUIDE!
Add to Cart: Real Estate Property Tax Appeals Item-by-item adjustments I've written and rewritten the Property Tax Reduction User Guide to be intuitive and as easy to use as possible.

property tax appeal
Property Tax Relief: Attention Homeowners - Complete Guide To Reduce Your
Tax Assessments & Nobody doesn't like a tax break!

Do you want to pay lower municipal property taxes? Do you want to put the right ammunition into your
property tax reduction without leaving TRUCKLOADs of money on the table? Make a most formidable appeal using
sold data evidence using this powerful do-it-yourself workbook to reduce your tax assessment.

If that is your goal ... we are the help that gets it done! Don't lose your chance to appeal!

When you get your assessment notice in the mail KNOW THIS: Your Home's Assessed Value DOES NOT EQUAL Fair Market Value

Your KEY for determining if your property taxes are fair, or way wrong:

  Obtain the sales ratio. Terminology may be different for jurisdictions. That sales ratio could be ALSO Be CALLED the average ratio, assessment level, director's ratio, the common level of 100% of true value, RAR (residential assessment ratio) or the equalization rate (which may not always be equivalent to the sales ratio).

  Divide the assessed value by the sales ratio to find the “real” market value, the true market value your tax assessor actually placed on your house and property.

Get to the local real estate broker in order to get a handful of comparable property sales that are somewhat equal to yours in square footage and neighborhood location. You NEED photocopy's from MLS ( multiple listing service) home comparable sales information since it has “buyer” orientated features. You'll Not FIND that on automated sites and since you need to make SIGNIFICANT ADJUSTMENETS for age differences, updated kitchen, bath, new roof, decks and other RELATED ITEMS, you'll need MLS photocopies of comps.

  Compare your comp “sold” value to the “real” market value that the tax assessor placed on your property and appeal your property if there is a disparity.

     In every state the nature of appeal are the same. You need to demonstrate that your home is worth less than the figure the tax assessor assigns to your home. Important enough to emphasize again: Assessed value IS NOT EQUAL to market value. Every municipality assigns a different ratio to an area. Divide the assessed value by that sales ratio (nomenclature naming differs in regions, but they all have a “sales ratio”) and you will now have the market value that the assessor assigned to your home. That assigned market value could be severely off-base.

     Now you need to find evidence to beat that valuation. Real estate brokerage offices will provide that sold home data for free.

     Your detective work begins by gathering data of homes that sold that are similar in size and location to your home. Those comparables will have variations compared to your home. You make adjustments for differences for square footage, age differences, condition of home, patio or decks, etc. All these type adjustments are covered in our resource.

     You then enter the market values of those comparable homes that you found along with the adjustments on the form we provide.

     Then you present those hard figures to the tax assessor or the board of property appeals and they will have to agree with you.

     That's how a property tax appeal is made.

     "I've billed a large number of customers for over a 14-year period making and advising on appraisals, property tax appeals as well as giving advice on property tax matters for $100,000 - $1,000,000,000 + houses developing a time-tested, proven appraisal system made simple for you to use that virtually eliminates the guesswork, uncertainty and risk ...

     And now YOU can employ the same exact system to dominate any real estate property tax appeal you choose, no matter how unusual or complicated, ... without paying my huge consulting fees!"

Win your Property Tax Appeal using a
professional itemized work book!

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A few months back I purchased your E-book guide and filed a tax appeal with my county. It was very informative and was a great help in preparing a professional appeal without the cost of a professional appraiser or lawyer. I am happy to report that my appeal was granted and my tax assessment was reduced $42,000 which will save me about $1,295.00 annually. Best $39.00 I ever spent.

David McWilliam

Millville, NJ


Real workable guidelines for Real Estate Tax Reductions are Hard to Find!
It's a cold, hard fact that over 98% of all people do not challenge their property taxes.

People that appeal their taxes and win reductions are never disappointed. The win rolls over into all the next years! Use our manual as your tax consultant.

Did you know that a recent average property tax appeal settlement in Washington DC was $1,273 saved per year and in Colorado was $1,513?

Put that money in a money market account and let the principle and interest compound over 10-years and we are talking about a significant amount of money that COULD HAVE been yours!

"The municipality ... they wouldn't even GIVE us the right help, you need to get hold of the right arbitrator. ... Using your guide makes it that simple as far as I'm concerned" - Dinesh Satra, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Friend,
     The first thing you should know about me is that I'm not really a dyed in the wool internet marketing guru type and still have a lot to learn about getting the word out and getting traffic to my site.

     The author of this course is an expert in is my ability as an appraiser and boiling down the information you need to make an effective appeal. What I do is provide a very solid and secure format to GET MORE MONEY BACK INTO YOUR WALLET BY MAKING A PROPERTY TAX APPEAL. I show you how to archive that at a LOWER COST, how to APPEAL THE CORRECT INFORMATION to the municipal authorities, and how to virtually DISMISS YOUR TAX ASSESSORS COMPS so that you come up smelling like a rose using your comps in your appeal. Long back, I was a pro appraiser (from 1987) in the heady “evolutionary era ” of appraisals to what it is now.

So let's talk about how to make your property tax appeal stick and get a refund:

"How Would You Like To Double (or even Triple) Your Chances of Property Appeal Success AND Make Some Appropriate Adjustments that get you money back With Virtually No Risk Using Step-By-Step Coaching Backed Up By Fail-Proof Research"

Since don't know me, and I'm not a used car salesman, you'll probably need some ...


That I can help YOU use effective property tax assessment research to achieve MASSIVE success in your existing appeal or perhaps help you discover property tax consulting as a side business.

property tax appeals

     As it happens, I'm a real estate appraiser professional that has helped many lower-priced home as well as half-million-dollar plus homes win property tax appeals an observe how tax assessors think and what town attorneys come up with to try to rattle you. The town doesn't want to give you anything ... they want to maintain the existing status quo property tax base ... AND they cherry-pick their comparable's (often before there's even a lower established current market sales figures).

     Over the the years I was doing boat-loads of real estate appraisals and property tax appeals, these clients paid often over four figures per successful property tax appeal. Do you think they would given me that money if I didn't win their cases?

property tax

     Before you say "that's great, but I don't have those kind of deep pockets as some of your clients and besides, I don't have thousands of dollars to throw at a property tax appeal.

     As it is, despite all my previous winnings, I decided to turn the tables on the real estate appraiser rat race, and start a small business using the boiled down system I'd developed. It took me quite a few years to apply all the principles in writing, but once I did the results were nothing short of spectacular!

     Here’s the picture: Every decent appraiser knows there are just three basic factors behind winning a clients property tax appeal -- (1) a good layout format ... (2) keeping your house comparable's similar ... and (3) making reasonable dollar adjustments for each particular category of valuation.

     Some people use expensive suited attorneys and hired appraisers and think they can buy their way into winning a tax appeal. They may still may lose in court. Not good. When they loose they need to move up the ladder to the next level of appeal. The attorney and appraiser charge them again costing thousands ... with NO guarantee of winning.

     Every year I ask others what they pay for "professional" representation. The average cost for an attorney was $250 per hour and when you sit waiting to be heard for up to 6 hours, that can get mighty expensive.

     Professional appraisals are not as expensive as the attorney. Appraisals cost about $400 plus another $350 or so to show up and testify. That price is good for a half day. If you have to wait around for the afternoon session, you'll have to pay for another half-day.

     Well, guess what? Professional appraisers are keeping the goods in their hands. You'll not see them let the cat out of the bag. These professionals are not going to let loose or broadcast their secrets.

Flash! A Light Bulb Pops On In My Head! Homeowners Need A Resource Guide to Make Dollar Adjustments For Differences In Comparable Values of Sold Homes to Theirs.

     The one thing I had not thought of was to make this specialized knowledge available to everyone who felt they were getting the short end of the stick. I had the experience working as an appraiser and had been successful translating assessments into market value and winning property tax appeals.

     So I started thinking, why not put it into an understandable product and deliver an island of sanity into an insane process? Better yet, make it into an understandable product complete with work up analysis forms and presentation format that is step-by-step. With my experience and the access I had to the best research and trends, I'd have on my hand the property tax formula of formulas. Would I not have the greatest property tax appeal formula ever.

    In a word, the answer is ... Yes!!

     And the reason I know the answer is because I've had great reactions from others and professionals over time. They were universally ecstatic. Over time I had thousands of satisfied customers and have rewritten many parts to make it more understandable and easier to follow. This is why, without any question, I've tried to make this into the greatest property tax appeal guide ever!!!

"I feel like you are providing a valuable service to homeowners across America. 

Assessors all over the country raised property taxes in the boom years and are now loathe to reduce them. 

Every thinking homeowner should look closely at their taxes, apathy can cost them a lot of money."

Pat Fanello
Gilbert, AZ

Question: I have an unusual home. Will it apply to my home?

Answer: You can apply our property tax guide to any home or property: Get the right values and plug in the correct figures for your house. Don't get stuck on the learning curve scratching you head what to do next. Eliminate mistakes.

Use a reliable tax guide that instructs you item by item how to put together a winning appeal.

Question: How do I know this is going to work? Is it really possible?

Answer: This
is road tested, re-written understandable, proven, and guaranteed to work:
I made it easy to understand and apply. The tax appeals process isn't difficult.

You'll even have a video with precise instructions so you get the sequence and fundamentals right. Logical straight-forward explanations and examples to follow.

Question: Can't i get an online service to dig up the property comparables I need to use?

Answer: Yes you can and use that information to get an overview. But even if you get an online service to find your comparable's, you must drive by the comparable and note exactly how your home compares (note: free property appraisals from real estate agents do not stand up in court or with the tax assessor. They are not detailed right and lack proper dollar adjustment values). You need to use a comparative analysis form similar to one we provide to make your logic crystal clear.

We give clear examples on what to look for and how to make adjustments work to your advantage. Our manual is an inexpensive investment that equalizes property tax reduction numbers so they makes economic sense and nails down a lower assessment.

Question: If I win the appeal, will I have to re-appeal the nest year?

Answer: Your tax appeal win continues: The amount of money you win on your property tax assessment savings rolls over year after year - This is not a one shot deal! Say you drop $1,500 for the year off your taxes, that savings is yours each and every year until the next blanket reassessment rolls around ... which could be 5, 10, 20 or more years in the making.

Question: How do I know my appeal will stand up when the appeal board looks over it?

Answer: We want to make you win your municipal assessment challenge by making a coherent property tax appeal that will hold up to public scrutiny. You do that by using all the right information so you win your appeal. When you do it right, it becomes extremely difficult for others to find fault.

Puts the" how to" into your fight. Puts the "why to" into their reasoning in order for them to find reason to grant you a property tax reduction.

Question: I've never done a property tax appeal before. What help will you give me?

Answer: Now there is a way and you'll be shown what what areas to look into and what evidence to produce. Our goal is for you to construct a appeal using believable figures and how to present the right evidence that causes you to win your case.

Question: What about an adjustment for an old roof, dilapidated deck, repair items and such?

Answer:  You need to make minus or plus adjustments for the differences you found.
We supply the percentage adjustment factors, depreciation factors, show you what to look for, tested parameters to adjust within.   

If you are serious about appealing your taxes, you'll be shown how to put the right adjustment figures for your comparable's, use the right format, the right appeal arithmetic --- they'll understand your appeal.

Question: How much math is entailed?

Answer: It's easy fifth grade math. Nothing that complicated. Fifth grade math, fifth grade English ... this is not rocket science.

It's idiot proof - you are provided with everything you need: Say goodbye to being unsure. Completely referenced for almost any home value in question. Ample worksheet examples regarding a house tax reduction appeal categories. Follow the step-by-step instructions so you CAN understand the basic process and plug in the right numbers. Anyone can do this once you're shown how.

Question: Could my property taxes go up if I lost and the board finds fault in my appeal?

Answer: Theoretically your property tax could be increased if it was severely under-assessed, but I have never seen or heard of that happening to anyone. If you're disgusted with your property tax situation, this is a safe way to breakthrough to a lower tax assessment.

What I have seen and heard of is thousands who have overpaid for tens of years and later won their appeal but did not get paid back for all the years they were overcharged. That's the travesty.

Question: Could I make a business out of this and help others with their property tax appeals?

Answer: Many who have bought this coarse have asked for a Property Consulting home study coarse. I've boiled down the business to all its parts and you get everything you need from start to finish:  It'll be similar to a professional appraiser coaching you.

Some people have used this property tax tutorial to go into a part time property tax consulting business by helping guide others with their tax assessment appeals.

     The truth is, ... you're be SAVING TIME & MONEY -- A LOT OF IT! (Part of what differentiates you from others not succeeding in their tax appeal is that they refuse to think this way.)

     On a PER-HOUR basis doing THE RIGHT RESEARCH is a MUCH MORE TIME EFFECTIVE than going about an appeal with no authoritative guide and trying to pull answers to questions out of the air.

     A lot of work and experience was put into building this tax appeal guide and it leaves you the opportunity to harvest the results.

Contrary to expectations, I really don't see how you could count on a high-percentage chance of winning your appeal WITHOUT our system manual as a guide. I think ANY & EVERY house owner is undermining their chances of winning by not using this guide! So you're not stuck in the mud, it's important you keep reading so you'll understand that you have nothing to loose. (It'll be worth your time I promise)

     The PROPERTY TAX APPEAL WINDOW is ticking away. You only are given so much time to get your appeal together otherwise you'll have to go at it next year.

Plus, to out and out BRIBE YOU INTO DOING SOMETHING NOW, you'll get all of the following FREE BONUSES IF YOU ACT TODAY ...

Easy-to-use Appeal Forms

BONUS Ready to use free home appraisal and property tax appeal forms. These generic templates are in PDF form which you can print out to organize you evidence in a more professional manner.

Plus ...

Free Video Guide

A FREE VIDEO Walk-Through that guides you throughout the Entire Appeal Process

I Can't Do Property Tax Appeals In Your Town since I live too far away to drive.   So  I want to give you the best tools and best chance to win your property tax appeal economically.  

Assessment out of whack? Appeal your property tax!

property taxes

     We give you adjustment parameters so you don't get flagged. Other guides lack ALL the specifics let alone the most important factors ... adjustment category parameters and specific adjustment rules you need for winning a property tax appeal. This tutorial will take you step-by-step into doing your tax appeal correctly in a comprehensive organize manner.

     We keep you updated with the latest practices and property tax appeal advice each and every year. Most of the books and guides offer only limited advice on what to do and not to do.

     All you need to do is apply this manual to your house's and the comparable sold home figures for a winning appeal. When you do, you have a case that you can be confident in to win.

     There's no silly gimmicks just a remarkable opportunity to doctor up a winning appeal. This is the best investment you can make in your home.

     I hope you'll see this as an investment in your economic future. My aim is to put money in YOUR pocket.

Whatever the price is, it's going to be a lot cheaper than spending years trying to figure out how to do it yourself.

     I'm happy to report I've decided to offer this system at a 'reduced' price for a limited time.
The reason why is deadlines are approaching rapidly and we want to see you succeed without being expensive.


Here's what I want you to do if you're a candidate for a real estate tax review ...

Add to Cart: Click Here Now To Grab Property Tax Appeal Item-by-item adjustments to lower your property tax

Adjustment Guide For A One Time Small
Investment of Only
 $57.00  $39 for Everything + Free Updates for LIFE

You get: Video Walk Through on what to do and how to go about the process + Presentation Format + Forms + How To Step-By-Step and Item-by-item eBook + Lifetime Updates

This is Scarce Information, way below publicly available information.
(few are aware how to do this correctly)
The clock is ticking, this may be your last chance.

Don't lose your chance to appeal!

use the safe online form provided.

Rest assured, your privacy is protected. We share no information.

Your order is 100% Secure.   Secure Payment Processing By ClickBank®

(ClickBank is a certified member of the Better Business Bureau.) When you click the order button, we immediately generate your order and automatically send you an e-mail confirmation.


100% Money-Back Guarantee! To Order Add To Cart: Click Here


Win your Property Tax Appeal using
professional itemized work book!

Add To Cart: "I'm ready for my Property Tax Appeal Power Guide Ebook!"

     Your first Guarantee: You have TWO full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just return everything and you'll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked.

     Your SECOND Guarantee: If you keep the System after the two months, I'll ride along with you for another TEN months and, if, after a full year from your purchase date, you will show me proof that you used at least one strategy, manuel, or tool from the Kit in your tax appeal, and you will look me in the eye on paper and tell me you did not put at least a few hundred in your bank account that you would not have otherwise, send me a note describing your use and failure with the guide, I will STILL refund every penny you've paid.  

I want you to literally put tens of thousands of dollars of tax savings into your bank account in the course of the next ten or twenty years.This is about having a proven pro show you the TRUTH and leading you to make the right comparable adjustments, plug-in data guidelines, red flags warnings to avoid and guiding you toward a winning property tax appeal. Are you in?

You better hurry.      Getting your hands on the "Property Tax Appeal Power Manuel " is the most important action you can take for getting your house appeal going in the right direction. Do it today.  With it you'll be nearly invincible in the property tax appeal juggernaut... but without it you'll soon be very vulnerable.  

"I like that the ebook is very user-friendly and I also like how you can give students a chance to get into the consulting business for a very good price.

It's easy to find lower priced comparables and it seems to be a good future business"

Jacob, Minnesota

"I was thinking about hiring
a land appraiser and home property tax attorney when I came across your house tax book. It did the trick.

My land assessments were sky high. Your property tax book saved
me $3,768 in municipal property taxes.

Thanks for show me how to appeal my residential taxes with your manuel. I could not have done it without the direction in the adjustment guide.


Robert Hughs
Philadelphia, PA

"It's hard to believe I've
been overpaying town taxes all these
years. My garage was included
in the "heated space" footage
calculations by the tax

That and other adjustments in
my favor pointed out in your book saved me over $4,100 in municipal property taxes.

Just wanted to let you and others know how "professionals" can make
mistakes that can cost big money over the years if you don't check it.

I believe anyone can apply these techniques and step forward to appeal their case.

Best regards,"

Julian Orozco

"I am a very satisfied customer of Housetaxax - you are responsive and very

You know, I found you guys by accident and would not hesitate using your information on any further appeals. I would certainly recommend your company and products to my family & friends. Thank you once again for your outstanding service -- I won my appeal too!"

Ben in FL

"You seem to have a hard to find item. I'm grateful to have found your site via Google!"

Leslie, New York

"We trusted housetaxax because they've been doing appraisals in New Jersy for years and we appreciated the cost per square foot explanations and choices they gave us to in their program.

They said they would give us what we wanted, and they lived up to their word"

Lynn, Virginia

"The tax assessor said I was the most prepared appellant he ever came across. Most had only a few pictures and little data. Couldn't have done it without the help of your manual."

Q.M. , Minneapolis, MN

I needed a coach for doing my property tax appeal. His guidance is very sharp nd has given me A LOT of very powerful tips.

"I've learned from George on a number of levels. It's just crazy how much he's shared with me.

Long story short, yes -- George kicks butt and his coaching is SOLID :)





Establishing value is not rocket science. It is quite simple: Gather property tax information on your home, gather information on recent sales and sold listings in your neighborhood area, analyze the information and evaluate your property and then present your case to the assessor.

If the assessor fails to take action then next to the Tax Appraisal Board.

A few hours effort and you could save multiple thousands of dollars in the lifetime of a home's reduced assessment.



#2 Computerized Results For Obtaining Real Comparable Dollar Values For Sold Homes: helps you identify good comparable properties

     ** If, after you order our property tax item-by-item adjustment guide, you'll need to compare sold prices of homes in your area:

For free, you can visit a real estate company and ask them for homes that sold that compare in square footage and location to your home.

If you choose to save time, you can order information on homes that sold and compare to yours online. This is the resource I use (found it to be good, accurate and cheap) directly below. **

    online real estate values ** ONLINE ELECTRONIC APPRAISER If, after you order our property tax guide, you'll need to compare sold prices of homes in your area. House value reports are the same highly accurate property value reports that Banks and Mortgage Companies use for new loans. Each house values report is similar to a full appraisal, using recent comparable sales of like property.

ACCURATE, REAL TIME, ONLINE DATA Enter the property address and receive SOLD PRICE DATA in a home valuation report. For residences, condominiums, town homes, etc.

  • COMPLETE PROPERTY VALUATION (Up to 15 Recent Comparable Sales+)                    [Option A] Price: $29.95
  • SUBJECT PROPERTY WITH RECENT SALES  (Detailed Property Information +)            [Option B] Price: $9.90

    Up to 15 Comparable Sales, Detailed Maps with Comps, Tax Assessor Data · Detailed Data · Automated · Accurate Market Value · Real-Time Property Information · Tax Assessor Data · Lot Size, Square Footage · Legal Description · Sales & Transaction History · Charted Valuation - Trend Graphs

    Comparable Home Values and Property Comparable Real Estate Sales Data Online   (free sample reports show you exactly what you get.)
 Real Estate Tax Reduction Workbook Guide
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House Values as it relates to Home Appraisals

FSBO For sale by owner considerations Tax Reform

Real Estate Tax Reappraisals Understanding the real estate tax as it relates to property tax re-appraisals


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